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” The Spirit of a Woman ” Kirsten Owen and Erin O’Connor by Peter Lindbergh for Donna Karan SS 1999


Fashion Show Nº29, Men’s Collection Spring–Summer 2000
"That was just an amazing collection, just rip-roaring. Some people thought it was too avant-garde. I had this idea for the kites because the collection was inspired by Andrew Wyeth, and we thought it would be a great idea to take the painter’s colour palette and team it with the sensibility of A Clockwork Orange, which is where the idea of the baseball bats come in. And then the black streak over one eye, that was just totally inspired. That was another show that I thought had bombed. I was in the back the whole time, dressing the models. And I was sure everybody hated it, but then I came out and I found that most people had loved it.” Paul Sinclaire, stylist and collaborator, Show Nº 27–32

Dries Van Noten, 01–50 Golden Anniversary

Go-Sees by Juergen Teller


Beth Yarnelle Edwards

Ryan Mcginley, Yearbook


Ryan Mcginley